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We believe you are an Exceptional LIBRARIAN

It's time to nominate for Global Librarians' Award 2023 - It’s your chance to celebrate excellence in your career.

Global Librarians' Award recognizes and celebrates excellence in education on a Global scale. This Award honors exceptional teaching and culminates in a grand award ceremony witnessed by Print and Tele media. Our vision is an educational profession with high morale and a society that values and celebrates the great work that is done by learning facilitators in education.

Help us achieve that…You can refer your worthy colleagues, friends, other librarians and anybody who is working as a school principal in any educational institute and think really deserves the recognition. Make someone’s day – refer them. Entry forms are to be completed online, you can click the button nominate now to nominate for Global Librarians' Award.


First you have to Register on GLA Website with your Mobile number & Email ID, an email will go you ID with a verification link, click that link to verify, a message will appear that you have successfully registered with AKS Education Awards Website and it will take you to Login Page, now login again to fill Nomination Form for Global Librarians' Award 2023.


After registration is verified and complete, you be have to fill in Nomination will have following sections:

Section 1: Nomination Form; Personal Details, Professional Details & Self Nomination

Section 2: Photo Upload

Section 3: Self Evaluation: Self-rating from 1 to 5 on 10 Parameters.

Section 4: Recommendation by 5 peer librarians

Global Librarians' Award is open to anyone wishing to nominate. Any Librarian working in any institution worldwide can make a nomination individually.

This Award is open for librarians working in school/college/university anywhere in the world.

1. Global Librarians' Award is open for librarians working in institutions anywhere in the world. Any librarian (of any Educational Institution) can make a nomination individually and institutions can nominate their faculties and there is no limit to the number of nominations a institute can nominate.

2. Details of anyone making a nomination can be filled online. Global Librarians' Award will not pass on details of the nominator to anyone making a general enquiry.

3. All the library personnel under any titles Sr. Librarian/Librarian/Asst. Librarians are eligible for nomination. A nominee who has retired or will retire prior to the end of the Award year cannot nominate for an Award.

4. Newly appointed Librarians with more than two years of expereince are also eligible to nominate themselves.

5. Global Librarians' Award has the right to reject a nomination if it becomes clear that the nomination is not recommended by other 5 librarians and the Nominee's institution or evidence supporting the nomination is found to be false.

6. Provide full and genuine name, institution name and mobile number of 5 other librarians under Peer Recommendation, in case of anything found missing/ambiguous, your nomination is liable to be rejected.

7. If during the course of the entry and judging period the nominee changes job, both the previous and current institute may be required to provide evidence concerning the nominee for judging purposes.

8. The decision of the judging panels will be final in every situation. Only short-listed aspirants will be communicated, so please don't inquire about the result of Global Librarians' Award and no correspondence on this topic will be entertained.

9. The nominee and nominator give all consents necessary for AKS education awards to produce publicity material based on the nomination, entry which may be edited by the Global Librarians' Award if required, and agree to participate without financial reward in interviews, which may be used by the AKS EDUCATION AWARDS (AKS Worldwide Pvt. Ltd.) in any form in the media worldwide.

10. Entry to Global Librarians' Award deemed acceptance of these rules and agreement to be bound by them. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you also agree to our general website terms and conditions. AKS Education Awards (AKS worldwide Pvt. Ltd.) reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time by posting changes online.

We are here to help you in nomination process, if you have any queries please get in touch, email us at call or whatsapp us on : +91 8700006030

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